Custom Back Braces

Custom Back Braces

Back braces are a vital element of a rehabilitative treatment plan for certain spinal conditions. They also provide spinal support after surgery, reducing the range of motion and limiting painful movements like bending and twisting.

Custom back support braces are specifically designed for each patient’s need to:

  • Lessen muscle tension and back pain
  • Redistribute weight in the spine, thus improving the posture
  • Allow the spinal structures to heal properly and completely
  • Increase mobility during daily activity

Benefits of Oakville Custom Back Braces

Pathway Physiotherapy offers three types of custom braces:

Flexible back braces

These are made from soft materials like cotton or neoprene. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are often used for mild or moderate pain.

Their main purpose is to restrict movement and relieve back pain by:

  • Reducing movement at a weakened or loose joint
  • Providing additional support to the spine to remove any pressure from the injured or weakened muscle
  • Limiting painful movements, such as bending or twisting

Rigid and semi-rigid braces

Rigid braces are made of a sturdy layer of either canvas or cotton. It has rigid panels made from either metal or hard plastic.

Semi-rigid back braces

Semi-rigid orthoses combine both flexible and rigid elements. Some models have molded plastic inserts or padding to provide added support.

Both rigid and semi-rigid braces function the same way as flexible back braces, but they significantly reduce movement. These types of braces are often used in fractures, after back surgery, or for severe cases of pain.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of My Back Braces?

Insurance coverage differs from person to person. Pathway Physiotherapy directly works with most insurance companies, and we will help you determine your insurance coverage. Once we confirm the type of coverage you have, we will help you fill out the application forms and bill your provider directly without extra cost. We will also provide the necessary documentation for your back brace claim.

Still Have Questions About Back Bracing?

If you have more questions about back bracing, feel free to call us at (289) 460-3361. Our experienced back bracing technicians are happy to answer your questions. You can also visit our Appointment Page to book an appointment.

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