Concussion Management

Concussion Management

A concussion is a mild or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) that may be caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head. The injury can occur due to a sport activity, motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall. If the concussion is left unchecked, the injury can lead to brain swelling or bleeding. That’s why concussion management is needed to prevent this.

At Pathway Physiotherapy, concussion management starts with a series of tests, including neurological baseline examination, cognitive testing, and on-going treatment. These are necessary to evaluate how much the head injury affected the person’s reflexes, coordination, memory, concentration, balance, vision, strength, reflexes, and more.

Getting an in-depth assessment of the head injury can help our therapist give the proper treatment and care, leading to a faster recovery.

Certified Concussion Specialists in Oakville

As a leading health provider in Oakville, Ontario, Pathway Physiotherapy offers concussion treatment programs for sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and more. We provide:

  • Vestibular Physical Therapy
    Tests if you sustained vision problems that might affect your sense of balance. The treatment also includes training exercises that help the patients regain focus, motor skills, and balance.
  • Baseline Testings
    Includes neurological and cognitive tests to assess vision, hearing, memory, and ability to recall information.
  • Exertion Therapy
    Includes aerobic and strength exercises to help the patient get back to the level of activity they were used to before the concussion.
  • Return to Play Protocol
    Our trained concussion management specialists take the patients through their specific protocol.

Concussion Care in Oakville

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